If You Want To Multiply Your Investments 2x, 3x or even 5x in a Year, then Please Don’t Buy This

In 1980s, a famous Chinese leader Deng Xiapong said – “To be Rich is Glorious

This slogan is believed to have unleashed a wave of personal entrepreneurship in China that is still driving its economy today. And there is no doubt that it is indeed glorious to make money. Even more so if you can double or triple your money in one year.

But I am quite sure that there is no-one who can be 100% sure of a method of doubling or tripling one’s money in a year. And if you know someone, please do introduce him to me. 🙂

About 2 weeks ago, I launched Ultra Long Term Stocks – A subscription based service where I discuss stocks for the long run. And by long, I mean really long in classical sense of the word. The intent with Ultra Long Term Stocks is to invest for decades and not just years.
I received a few queries from readers who thought it was a get-rich-quick kind of a service where I will offer hot stock tips for quick gains. One reader was honest enough to ask whether this service will change his life or not!! 🙂

But this is not what Ultra Long Term Stocks is all about. And I politely replied to each and every such mail telling the same. I also advised these people not to subscribe to this service as their expectations of quick gains will never be met in this service.


What is Ultra Long Term Stocks?

Ultra Long Term Stock is not about making money in the short term. Rather its about how to grow your stock portfolio slowly but steadily over a period of time by constant accumulation of stocks which are good to buy and stick with for years to come.

Subscription entitles you to a report every 45 days, where you get the following:

If you think that Ultra Long Term Stocks is in line with what you believe long term investing is, then go ahead and..


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(Subscription Closes at 11:59pm on 30-June-2014)

Please remember that subscriptions will not remain open forever and will close within next 3 days, i.e. 30-June-2014. If you have some queries, then please check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section and probability is that your question would already have been answered there. Or else feel free to drop a mail at

What Do Current Subscribers have to say?

Many subscribers who have already received the first report have good words to say about Ultra Long Term Stocks. 

Can I Subscribe the Report Right Now?

Yes you can. And I assure you that you would be surprised to see the pricing of the report. You would be astonished to see the value you are getting by paying a small subscription fee. 

For less than Rs 10 a day (which is less than what you spend on your tea cups every day), you will be getting high quality, non-nonsense and more importantly, actionable reports about how and why to invest in stocks which can be held for decades.

You can read all the details about the service here or can read the launch post here.

Please remember that subscription for Ultra Long Term Stock closes sharp at 11:59pm on 30-June-2014. So much time isn’t left!!

If you think you are convinced about the benefits of long term investing, then its time to be decisive and take control of your portfolio:

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(Subscription Closes at 11:59pm on 30-June-2014)

One more thing. Investing for security of your loved one’s future is important. Rather its very important. But always remember that money is not everything. So in case you are confused about this being an opportunity which may be like once-in-a-lifetime kind of an opportunity, I would suggest you not to worry. 

Life is too long for just one once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. 🙂 

Happy Investing


The Wait Is Over – Launching the (Special) Ultra Long Term Stocks!!

Rahul – Sold good stocks he inherited from his father and made huge losses by trading in bad ones. He now wants to leave a rich legacy of good stocks for his children.

Jignesh – Dependent on his stock portfolio for his post retirement life. Suffered big losses due to unnecessary risk taking. He is now waiting for markets to rally to sell his bad stocks. He then plans to invest in just few good stocks and hold them till retirement.

Venkat – His son does not respect him because of his bad luck & stock market losses due to poor stock selection. He wants to regain that respect.

If you can relate to any of the above men whose stories I shared sometime back, then chances are that you are also looking towards heaven or stock market rallies to save your money and stock portfolios.

But if you are true to yourself, you would realize that when you wait for stock market rallies, it indicates that you are trying to control the uncontrollable. Your prayers or wants won’t give you stock market rallies.

It is when you realize that you cannot control the uncontrollable, that you can think about what you can control. And as highlighted by stories of 3 men above, it’s about sticking only to good, stable businesses when investing your heard earned money and be disciplined about it.

It is as simple as that

But having said that….we must remember…

Successful investing is simple but not easy.

And in a small way, I am trying to help you take care of what you can control.

After months of planning and weeks of tireless research, analysis and brainstorming, I am happy to announce that Ultra Long Term Stocks is available especially for you now.

Ultra Long Term Stocks

Ultra Long Term Stocks is a subscription based service which would send out a report every 45 days.

The special reports would cover the following:

Details Ultra Long Term Stocks

A Promise
I know we all hate reading long reports. Rest assured, this 10-15 page report you receive every 45 days, will be Solid, Practical and No-Nonsense. And most importantly, it will help you in Taking Decisions.

How to Subscribe?

You can start your subscription right away! Ultra Long Term Stocks is available in two subscription options:

Subscription Pricing - Ultra Long Term Stocks

Those who have pre-registered get to subscribe the service at discounted rates. You all have already been mailed your discount codes which you can use while making payments (payment details below). 
Please note that this service is available only till 23:59 Hrs of 30-June-2014.
Now if you do some quick calculations, you would realize the magnitude of benefits you are getting for the small subscription fee being charged.

At a price which is less than that of one cup of tea a day, you are getting heavily researched and comprehensive analysis of stocks in form of reports that are easier to understand and more importantly, helpful in decision making.

It is unlike any other report that is available from established research houses which are good to increase knowledge and are less about aiding Your Decision to Invest. As the saying goes, “Amateurs are right and wrong. It’s the professionals that make money.”

It is time to do the latter now 🙂

So now, if you are interested in making yourself proud of your stock portfolio and believe that long term investing can lead to big riches, then click below to subscribe to Ultra Long Term Stocks

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I have created a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)to help you with your queries. In case of any other query / doubt, please drop me a mail at

Note –

1 – You can make payment using safe & secure third party payment gateway (details here) or can wire me the same directly (bank details here).

2 – Once you make the payment, I will send you the report within 2 days of confirmation of receipt of payment.