Need Help With Personal Finance Calculators? Meet Prof Excel!!

Believe me…Excel is one of the most powerful softwares you can get your hands on. But that’s only if you really understand what excel is capable of doing. I personally believe that God is hidden in one of the obscure cells of Excel. 😉

So with a tool so potent, you ought to respect someone who is really good in excel. And if he is a physicist from IIT, then you have no option but to listen to him. Even if that physicist is talking about your financial life!!

I am talking about Prof Pattabiraman and his extremely useful site FreeFinCal.

I once created a calculator for myself. And just for research sake, was checking internet for something similar. And that’s when I found Prof’s site and the calculator. I then decided not to re-invent the wheel. 🙂

As of now, I can safely point you all to Prof’s site for your needs related to personal finance calculators. And did I mention that all calculators are FREE?