A trade that made Stable Investor lonely

Regular readers of the site would know that since inception, Stable Investor was managed by Dev & Shubhang. But both had their share of differences. Dev was more supportive of long term investing. On other hand, Shubhang’s technical skills made him suitable for fast-paced trading world.
Though both agreed on variety of issues, recent stock market corrections changed this equation. Dev continued and would continue to pick stocks for his long term portfolio (and does not plan to sell them anytime soon). Shubhang sensing different opportunities, decided to make some really profitable(!) trades in these falling markets. 

This divergence in actions has led Shubhang to focus solely on making short term bets. And hence, he has decided to part ways with Stable Investor.
From now on, only Dev would be running the show. The same would be reflected in About page soon.
PS – Dev and Shubhang continue to be friends and will keep bouncing ideas of each other.