Best Mutual Funds to Invest for 10 years

Which is the best mutual fund to invest in for 10 years?

If you are looking for answers to this or a similar question, then read on

Given the high number of mutual fund schemes in India, it is natural for investors to try and find out which are the best mutual funds to invest in for 2022?

Since I am a professional investment advisor, I can only offer specific advice to my clients. But I get a lot of emails asking me for the best mutual funds for SIP and the best mutual funds for 10 years. People want to create a structure of solid mutual funds for their long-term investment portfolio. But they don’t know how to do it.

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To shortlist investment-worthy mutual funds, several factors have to be considered. Some of these are the consistency of returns being generated, fund vintage, benchmark-linked consistency analysis, peer group-linked analysis, quality of the underlying stocks, capture parameters, risk parameters, expenses of the fund, fund AUM or size and its impact on performance, investment mandate and adherence to it, investment style, fund manager’s role vs. process’s role. These are just some of the factors being used from amongst the several qualitative and quantitative ones. And all factors are given different weightage while filtering and then used as part of the overall evaluation equation.

So basically, a rigorous process-driven approach is followed to arrive at an unbiased and independent list of Mutual Funds Recommendations.

The premium member-only subscription service, i.e. Stable Model Mutual Fund provides you with a ready-to-use list of well-chosen mutual funds from both equity funds and debt funds in India:

  • Best Large Cap Funds for 10 years
  • Best Index Funds for 10 years
  • Best Multicap Funds for 10 years
  • Best Flexicap Funds for 10 years
  • Best Midcap Funds for 10 years
  • Best Focused Funds for 10 years
  • Best Large & Midcap Funds for 10 years
  • Best ELSS Funds for 10 years
  • Best Aggressive Hybrid Funds for 10 years
  • Best International Mutual Funds for 10 years

Once you subscribe to the Stable Model Mutual Fund, you get:

  • 2-5 Fund Recommendations for each suitable MF Categories.
  • The fund recommendations will be provided for fund categories from both Equity & Debt Funds.
  • It will also provide % Allocation suggestions for fund categories, i.e. how much to allocate to each category, for 3 different investor types (Conservative, Balanced, Aggressive).
  • The service will provide Quarterly updates about whether there is any change in the MF recommendations or not.

Building a winning mutual fund portfolio isn’t very easy. I won’t say it’s impossible. But if you wish to select solid mutual funds for your portfolio, then you can’t just pick random funds to invest your hard-earned money.

I have seen that most investors are genuinely unable to select the right mutual funds from thousands of schemes out there. And as has been seen in the past, only relying on star ratings or agents/banks doesn’t help much either. They get confused with questions like:

  • Is my mutual fund portfolio properly structured?
  • Does my mutual fund portfolio have good investment-worthy funds?
  • Is my mutual fund portfolio optimally diversified? Or it is a random collection of several unrelated funds? At times it is over-diversified and at times it is under-diversified.
  • Do I have several funds with active SIPs and several inactive funds from old times with no clue what is happening in my mutual fund portfolio?
  • Can I say that you have an all-weather MF portfolio where I can continue investing for the next several years without worrying?

So Stable Model Mutual Funds can be the one-stop solution that gives you a simple list of good mutual funds and access to a ready portfolio of mutual funds, i.e. a usable list of good mutual funds and allocation suggestions to properly structure your mutual fund portfolio.

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