Launched: Asset Allocator + Model Mutual Funds (Premium)

The wait is finally over.

Stable Asset Allocator + Stable Model Mutual Funds are available for purchase now.

Both these products, namely i) Stable Asset Allocator, ii) Stable Model Mutual Funds are 2 (Two) separate premium subscription products. Though you can purchase both of them.

What You Get?

Feature Comparison - Stable Asset Allocator Model Funds

What is Subscription Cost?

Surprisingly low…

  • If you only opt for Model Mutual Funds, then it would be Rs 2500 + taxes.
  • If you only opt for Asset Allocator, it would be Rs 5000 + taxes.

So do not wait!

You are therefore getting a lot of benefit for the small subscription fee being charged. In fact, It is less than even 1 month’s investment or SIP for most of you.

How To Subscribe?

You can start your subscription right away! Both the products are available for subscription now! Do use the links below to head to the respective pages to subscribe:

Subscribe – Stable Asset Allocator (Premium)


Subscribe – Stable Model Mutual Funds (Premium)


So if you want to get quarterly updates about the right asset allocation (i.e. how much equity % and debt % to invest in) and also want to know which are the good mutual fund schemes, then subscribe to both Stable Asset Allocator and Stable Model Mutual Funds.

And if you wish to be reminded about how these products can immensely benefit you, here is a small reminder.

Stable Asset Allocator – A reasonable investor will accept that he cannot perfectly time entry or exits in markets all the time. So it’s not about being fully invested in the market (100% equity) or being totally out of the market (0%). You have to figure out a way to be optimally invested at all times. Sadly most investors do not proactively manage their portfolios leading to the allocation becoming distorted over time. Stable Asset Allocator is built on a Strategic + Tactical Allocation Framework. It works in a situation-aware manner that dynamically adjusts (tilts) portfolio to favourable and unfavourable conditions. And that has a solid potential to generate better than average return in the long run. Given the situational awareness and factor-driven tactical tilting, it sends out regular updates which are based on constant evaluation of market and economic variables. Real money is made when you get your asset allocation right. And that too at all times. If you face problems in deciding how much % of your portfolio to invest in equity and how to manage than % on an on-going basis, then Stable Asset Allocator can really help you out.

Stable Model Mutual Funds – Is your mutual fund portfolio properly structured? Does your portfolio have reasonably good funds? Is your portfolio optimally diversified? Or is it just a random collection of several unrelated schemes? Do you have several funds with active SIPs and several inactive ones from old times with no clue about what is happening to your portfolio? Can you say that you have an all-weather MF portfolio where you can keep investing regularly? If you aren’t confident answering these questions, then Stable Model Mutual Funds can assist you. Most investors understand the benefits of mutual funds. But due to unstructured and random collection of several good & bad funds, they end up having a mutual fund portfolio that goes nowhere. You can use the Fund Recommendations made in Stable Model Mutual Fund to create a well-diversified, properly structured portfolio of reliable, proven and true-to-their-mandate mutual funds that can be invested in for the long term. And since you will get to know good funds as well as how much % to allocate between them, your problem of mutual fund selection and how much to invest in each fund is solved. Stable Model Mutual Funds gives you instant access to a ready-to-use list of reasonably good Equity as well as Debt Mutual Funds. So you don’t have to do any hard work. The suggestions are monitored and reviewed on an on-going basis (and you are updated once every quarter), so you can rest assured that you can continue to remain invested in good funds.

I have already shared the full details about both the services earlier also. If you wish to refer to the details again, please use the links below:

Think about it.

If you eventually subscribe to both the products, i.e. Stable Asset Allocator + Model Mutual Funds…then your following investment-related questions will be answered:

  • Which mutual funds to pick for Equity and which for Debt? (answered by Model Mutual Funds)
  • What weightage to give to each fund in your portfolio (answered by Model Mutual Funds), within the overall asset allocation as defined by the Asset Allocator? (answered by Asset Allocator)
  • How much % to put in Equity and how much % in Debt? (answered by Asset Allocator)
  • How much to rebalance periodically if market conditions change and portfolio values change? (answered by Asset Allocator)

Important Information (Read before Purchasing)

  • This is an annual subscription-based informational service where updates will be sent out in the first week of every quarter. Once you become a premium subscriber, you will receive 4 updates during your subscription period.
  • The suggestions will be provided via email only to the active subscribers.
  • No detailed analysis or reasoning will be provided for the suggestions made. Though a common list of FAQs will be provided to help in the implementation of the suggestions made.
  • Both the services provide information that is suitable for investments being done for long-term goals that are at least 7+ years away. The suggestions are not for short-term investment goals.
  • There will be no one-to-one advice from Dev Ashish / Stable Investor in either of these services/products. These are premium subscription service. Only communication will be via quarterly updates sent via email. No email clarifications, one-to-one advice, etc. will be provided at any time.
  • There will be no refunds in either of the products/services at any time. Please clarify your doubts before buying.
  • The suggestions made by the asset allocator or model funds are common for all subscribers and do not take into account an individual’s unique financial circumstances or requirements.
  • Due to the very nature of equity + debt markets and macro factors in general, these subscription-based informational products don’t guarantee performance.
  • The asset allocation and mutual fund suggestions made are based on the proprietary frameworks. Due to the proprietary nature, the exact workings of the framework/model will not be shared with the subscribers at any time.
  • The suggestions/opinions expressed may change in the future as factors governing the model change subsequently. But the communication for the change in suggestions will be provided to active subscribers only.
  • No compensation or commission has been received from any AMC/Financial Organization/etc. while making these suggestions. Only compensation received is in the form of the subscription fee charged from the subscribers.

That’s it.

So don’t wait.

Go ahead and benefit from these ready-to-use premium subscription products to take control of your investment portfolio.


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