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(PREMIUM): Model Mutual Funds – Details

If you are a mutual fund investor, then do you get confused if I were to ask you:

  • Is your mutual fund portfolio properly structured?
  • Does your mutual fund portfolio have good investment-worthy funds?
  • Is your mutual fund portfolio optimally diversified? Or it is a random collection of several unrelated funds? And at times it is over-diversified and at times it is under-diversified.
  • Do you have several funds with active SIPs and several inactive funds from old times with no clue what is happening to your mutual fund portfolio?
  • Can you say that you have an all-weather MF portfolio where you can continue investing for at least the next several years without worrying?

These are genuine concerns for mutual fund investors. And if any of these points define your situation as well, then you are not alone.

Many mutual fund investors understand the benefits of mutual funds. But they generally have an unstructured and random collection of several good & bad funds. Result? They end up having a mutual fund portfolio that goes nowhere.

I will soon be launching Two (2) Premium Subscription-based Products from Stable Investor. Here is the link to the earlier announcement.

Today, I wanted to share more details about one of the products, i.e. Stable Model Mutual Funds:

Stable Model Mutual Funds

This will be a Special and Premium Subscription-based Product.

The Stable Model Mutual Funds (SMMF) will provide a list of reasonably good mutual funds that are suitable for investors.

What do You get?

  • There are an unnecessarily large number of mutual fund categories. And most investors need to pick funds from only a few mutual fund categories. Stable Model Mutual Funds provides 2-4 Fund Recommendation for each suitable MF Categories.
  • The fund recommendations will be provided for fund categories from both Equity & Debt Funds.
  • It will also provide % Allocation suggestion for fund categories, i.e. how much to allocate to each category, for 3 different investor types (Conservative, Balanced, Aggressive).
  • What about reviewing the suggestions made? It’s part of the offering. The service will provide Quarterly updates (in early June, September, December and April).


How are Mutual Funds chosen?

Most MF Investors and MF agents only look at the past performance to pick funds. But this approach doesn’t work. And in fact, is a wrong and incomplete approach that can backfire.

To shortlist investment-worthy mutual funds, several factors have to be considered. Some of these are the consistency of returns being generated, fund vintage, benchmark-linked consistency analysis, peer group-linked analysis, quality of the underlying stocks, capture parameters, risk parameters, expenses of the fund, fund AUM or size and its impact on performance, investment mandate and adherence to it, investment style, fund manager’s role vs. process’s role.

These are just some of the factors being used from amongst the several qualitative and quantitative ones. And all factors are given different weightage while filtering and then used as part of the overall evaluation equation.

So basically, a rigorous process-driven approach is followed to arrive at an unbiased and independent list of Mutual Funds Recommendations.


How do you benefit?

Building a winning mutual fund portfolio isn’t very easy. I won’t say it’s impossible. But if you wish to select solid mutual funds for your portfolio, then you can’t just pick random funds to invest your hard-earned money. You need to do an in-depth analysis. And Stable Model Mutual Fund can help you in this.

You can use the Fund Recommendations made in Stable Model Mutual Fund to build your MF portfolio for the long-term goals.

Since you will get to know good funds as well as how much % to allocate between them, your problem of mutual fund selection and how much to invest in each fund is solved.

Remember that there are hundreds of schemes out there. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right schemes to invest. And you really wouldn’t want to listen to your agents or bank managers (who are biased and commission-oriented) and pitch new schemes every now and then and push you to frequently churn the portfolio.

In last few years since I became a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor (RIA), I have been repeatedly getting requests asking about which mutual funds to invest in and how to help people structure a solid mutual fund portfolio for the long run. And Stable Model Mutual Funds is an effort to address this genuine need.

The idea of launching Stable Model Mutual Funds is very simple.

To help you create a well-diversified, properly structured portfolio of reliable, proven and true-to-their-mandate mutual funds that can be invested in for the long term.

What else can you need when it comes to MF investing? Right?

Stable Model Mutual Funds gives you instant access to a ready-to-use list of reasonably good Equity as well as Debt Mutual Funds. So you don’t have to do any hard work. And since the suggestions are monitored and reviewed on an on-going basis (and you are updated once every few months), you can rest assured that you continue to remain invested in good funds.


When is it Launching?

Stable Investor’s Model Mutual Fund Portfolio would be launched in the second half of July 2020. Available now – Click here.

How Can You Join?

As mentioned, the service would be launched in the second half of July 2020. But you can Pre-Register (Free) right now too. Those who pre-register will receive a special discount at the time of launch of service. 

Use the link below:

Click Here To Pre-Register (Free)


I will continue sharing more details about the Stable Model Mutual Fund Portfolios as we move closer to the launch date.

And just a reminder, together with the Stable Model Mutual Funds, I will also be launching another product – Stable Asset Allocator. What is that and how does it help? It’s a solid research-backed tool that solves your asset allocation problem.

The Stable Asset Allocator (SAA) will periodically tell you how much to put in Equity and how much to put in Debt. If this interests you, then do check out the Asset Allocator announcement details.

And if you eventually subscribe to both the products, i.e. Stable Asset Allocator + Model Mutual Funds, then your following investment-related questions will be answered:

  • Which mutual funds to pick for Equity and which for Debt? (answered by Model Mutual Funds)
  • What weightage to give to each fund in your portfolio (answered by Model Mutual Funds), within the overall asset allocation as defined by the Asset Allocator? (answered by Asset Allocator)
  • How much % to put in Equity and how much % in Debt? (answered by Asset Allocator)
  • How much to rebalance periodically if market conditions change and portfolio values change? (answered by Asset Allocator)

Coming back to Stable Model Mutual Funds.

I have seen that most investors are genuinely unable to select the right mutual funds from thousands of schemes out there. And as has been seen in the past, only relying on star ratings or agents/banks doesn’t help much either.

So Stable Model Mutual Funds can be your one-stop solution that gives you a simple list of good mutual funds and access to a ready portfolio of mutual funds, i.e. a usable list of good mutual funds and allocation suggestions to properly structure your mutual fund portfolio.

So don’t wait. Go ahead and Pre-register (FREE) for the launch. Here is the link again:

Use the link below:

Click Here To Pre-Register (Free)


I will continue sharing more details about the Stable Model Mutual Fund Portfolios as we move

PS 1 – In case the above link doesn’t work, please mail me.

PS 2 – If you have already registered earlier, then no need to register again. You are on the list already.

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