Announcing: Asset Allocator + Model Funds (PREMIUM Subscription)


I am happy to announce the launch of Two (2) Premium Subscription-based Products from Stable Investor, namely:

  1. Stable Asset Allocator

  2. Stable Model Mutual Funds

To know how you can benefit from both, read on.

And if you are interested in receiving a Big Discount when both products are launched in a few days, then please Pre-Register (FREE) using the link given in later part of this post.

So here are the details of the first product:

Stable Asset Allocator (SAA) – This will be a Special and Premium Subscription-based Product. The Stable Asset Allocator (SAA) will periodically tell you how much to put in Equity and how much to put in Debt.

What do you get?

  • Recommended asset allocation for your long term portfolio (for goals that are at least 7-10+ years away). You get to know how much Equity % and Debt % you should have at a given point of time.
  • The Asset Allocator provides Quarterly updates (in early March, June, September and December). The model itself is monitored weekly and updated on a quarterly basis when the updates will be sent out.
  • It will provide an allocation strategy for 3 different investor profiles (Conservative, Balanced, Aggressive).

In coming days, I will be sharing more details of this proprietary Multi-Factor* Model.

* One of the things that I track publicly on the website is market sentiments using PE Ratio. But as I mentioned earlier as well, this is just one of the several parameters I use to gauge markets and optimise my investment strategy. This product ‘Stable Asset Allocator’ uses PE and several other variables to make recommendations.

But broadly, it is built on a Forward-looking Strategic approach that is well proven under various scenarios and stress tested. More importantly, the model is Adaptive enough to have Tactical tilts, which dynamically adjust your portfolios to be better positioned in the near-medium term.

So if you follow the suggestions of the Asset Allocator, you can gradually put in place a Sensible and Situation-Aware Asset Allocation for your Long-term Investments. And that is what successful long term investing is about.

I genuinely feel that this Asset Allocator tool can solve your asset allocation problems that are not addressed or if they are, then in an ad hoc, random and suboptimal manner. This is a dynamic and forward-looking approach to asset allocation. Stable Asset Allocator can be your one-stop destination for prudent asset allocation updates.

That was about the Asset Allocator.

Now let me share some details of the Second product:

Stable Model Mutual Funds (SMMF) – This will also be a Special and Premium Subscription-based Product. The Stable Model Mutual Funds (SMMF) will provide a list of reasonably good mutual funds that are suitable for investors.

What do you get?

  • 2-4 Mutual Fund Recommendation from various MF Categories. Not all categories as many are unnecessary, but only the ones suitable for most investors.
  • Includes categories for both Equity Funds & Debt Funds.
  • Provide suggested allocation between fund categories for 3 different investor profiles (Conservative, Balanced, Aggressive).
  • Will provide Half-Yearly updates (in early June, December).

So you can use the fund recommendations to build your MF portfolio for the long term goals. Since you will get to know good funds as well as how much % to allocate between them, your problem of mutual fund selection and weightage is solved.

Read more details.

And I am sure you would have noticed this by now.

That if you Subscribe to Both tools, i.e.

Then your following investment-related questions will be easily answered:

  • How much % to put in Equity and how much % in Debt? (answered by Asset Allocator tool)
  • How much to rebalance periodically if market conditions change and portfolio values change? (answered by Asset Allocator tool)
  • Which mutual funds to pick for Equity and which for Debt? (answered by Model Mutual Funds tool)
  • What weightage to give to each fund in your portfolio (answered by Model Mutual Funds tool), within the overall asset allocation as defined by the Asset Allocator? (answered by Asset Allocator tool)

If you are Mutual Fund Investor looking for answers to all the above questions, then I am sure both these new tools will be really helpful and profitable for you.

Both the Premium products will be Subscription-based.

And I am sure you would want to know the Cost/Fee for these products. Right? Do not worry. It will be surprisingly reasonable given the value that is on offer. As mentioned, all details will be shared in the coming days.

So don’t wait.

Go ahead and Pre-register (FREE) for the launch. Remember that Discounts will be offered to those who Pre-Register. Use this link below to pre-register (FREE):

Pre-Register (FREE)


I will send more updates about both these products in the coming days.

Thanks & Stay Safe


PS – In case the above link doesn’t work, please use this link or just mail me.


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