18 on 30

Hi guys…

Two days back, I turned 30…that’s 3 full decades!! And just imagine what would have happened if someone had gifted me shares of Wipro worth Rs 10,000 around that time? I would now have been worth more than Rs 100 Crores!! But that did not happen…so let’s leave it…

Here is a picture of my birthday cake which I posted on the Facebook Page too… and if you observe carefully, you will notice that even on my own birthday, my family brings cake wishing Stable Investor and not me 😉

Dev Stable Investor Birthday

But I don’t mind it…

Frankly speaking, when I started writing this post, I did not know what to write about. All I wanted to do was to share the picture of this lovely cake 🙂 But as usual, I ended up doing a Google search about what people do on reaching 30. And result was a huge list of posts and articles about 30/50/100 things which people want to do before turning 30, etc…

So I decided to list down my own set of 30* thoughts. Thoughts which I wanted to share with everyone…and which were not necessarily related to money.

Please pardon me as many of these so-called ‘my thoughts’ may not be original ones. Rather these would be rip-offs of famous quotes by investors. And the reason for this is that most of the times, I end up reading stuff which is directly or indirectly related only to investing. And that is what gets retained in my mind 🙂

But there are many thoughts, which are coming straight from the heart…

So here it is…

  1. I have realized that we should be extremely grateful for what we have right NOW. And I really mean it. There are so many things which we did not have yesterday. But we prayed to have them. Today we have those things and we don’t value them. We need to be grateful for what we have. Period. The sooner we realise this, the better it is.
  2. I have realized that longer we wait for things to happen, bigger is the part luck plays.
  3. We really need to spend time figuring out what doesn’t need to be done and stop doing it.
  4. I was an egoistic person. And I still am. Not many people realize this but I know the truth. But after 30 years, I am now fully aware that I cannot reach where I want to reach, if I have ego issues. And I know I need to work on it…and that is what I am going to do in coming years.
  5. If you don’t like where you are, then change your place. You are not a tree.
  6. I have realized that relationships are investments. And vice versa is also true.
  7. I have realized that we should never forget those who knew us, when we were nothing. That is the only way we can remember where we came from.
  8. Your knowledge and smartness may give you an impression that people love you….but people don’t care as much about what you know as they care about how much you care about them.
  9. I have realized that the best time to leave a party is before you actually want to. And yes…this is relevant to investing too.
  10. You need a support system – mentors… whom you can reach out to frequently to get your thoughts cleared. I am lucky that I have such people around me whom I admire, respect and more importantly, believe in. I ask them to be honest with me and give me feedback whenever I need. I may or may not do what they say. But I listen to them.
  11. I have realized that you cannot (and probably should not) get everything in life.
  12. A disproportionate amount of success comes from knowing what to avoid….and for heaven’s sake, please do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
  13. You don’t need to be a superstar to do better than a lot of people. If you can stay rational when world around you is doing stupid things, you will be better off than 99 out of 100 people.
  14. If you do not know what you want, try to figure out what you don’t want. It really helps.
  15. Always remember that past is a place of reference…and not a place of residence.
  16. I don’t know where I read this…but if Sunday is the only day you look forward to, then you are wasting your life. Just think about it.
  17. Another small story which I remember very fondly….Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning, a lion also wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle, or it will starve to death. I have realized that it does not matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better start running.
  18. I have realized that we should never take decisions when we are angry. And we should never make promises when we are happy.
  19. ….I don’t know
I wanted to complete this list and take it upto 30….so that the title of this post could have been a better sounding one like 30 on 30 …rather than a strange 18 on 30

But somehow, I am not able to come up with more gyan at this time.… 🙂

But before I end this post, I will share a quote by Mark Twain here that…

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

As far as I am concerned, I know when I was born. But I am yet to find out the answer to the second part of the Mark Twain’s quote…

May be in next few years, I will know why…so till then, its fingers crossed. 🙂

That’s it from me today…


  1. Hi Dev Ashish
    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday
    And keep up your good work
    Have a wonderful & Successful Year Ahead

  2. Pardon my intrusion… these days cakes are coming with what ever color we ask them to be made to look like. I am not sure if cake colors these days are safe to eat.

    I admire your blog. Congratulations on turning 30. You are inspiring a lot of small investors and employees to take stock market investing seriously.

  3. Happy Birthday Dev. What a maturity & wisdom you are demonstrating at the age of 30. Honestly, I imagined you bit older based on your articles promoting long term always which even grey hair chaps fumble. Why don't you write an article about your dead monk portfolio performance?. It's been a long time.

  4. Happy Belated b'day Dev.
    May God help you in finding the 2nd best day of your life.
    About 18 on 30… I guess its better to be clear on 18 points rather than being partially immersed in the ocean of confusion for 30 points . You know let me accept also, I always pretend that I know myself and have clarity in thoughts however the case is not so. Anyways keep guiding your younger fellows like me (24 🙂 ). May God help you in finding the 2nd best day of your life.

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