Boring Tuesdays – Three Things to Read Today – 5

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It seems that last Tuesday was not that boring after all. Sensex fell a massive 855 points, i.e. 3% on that day. And instead of being happy about it, investors seemed troubled and didn’t make use of the beautiful opportunity to buy shares. I am not sure when will the people realize that market crashes are like discount sales – where you get to buy shares of your favorite companies at reduced prices!!

But let us leave that discussion for another day…

I share with you three very interesting articles to read today…

Boring Tuesday Reads

Article 1

James Altucher shares his ‘surprising’ secrets about Personal Finance. I say surprising, because none of the secrets will ask you to save money! For example: He asks you – ‘Don’t save money. Make more.’ ….Strange…but correct…isn’t it? There are many more surprises in store for those who read his Surprising Secrets of Personal Finance.

Article 2

World’s richest man is worth more than $70 billion. And reaching this level took him decades. But you can turn $1000 into $179 Billion in less than 250 days!! Surprised? It is indeed surprising. And as you might have already guessed, this feat has never been achieved before. But it is not impossible. To know how it can be done, read the link above.

Article 3

With $60 Billion at his disposal, and prices of crude oil having plunged by more than 50% in less than 6 months, it seems that Warren Buffett would be buying an oil company soon!

That’s all guys…

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