A trade that made Stable Investor lonely

Regular readers of the site would know that since inception, Stable Investor was managed by Dev & Shubhang. But both had their share of differences. Dev was more supportive of long term investing. On other hand, Shubhang’s technical skills made him suitable for fast-paced trading world.
Though both agreed on variety of issues, recent stock market corrections changed this equation. Dev continued and would continue to pick stocks for his long term portfolio (and does not plan to sell them anytime soon). Shubhang sensing different opportunities, decided to make some really profitable(!) trades in these falling markets. 

This divergence in actions has led Shubhang to focus solely on making short term bets. And hence, he has decided to part ways with Stable Investor.
From now on, only Dev would be running the show. The same would be reflected in About page soon.
PS – Dev and Shubhang continue to be friends and will keep bouncing ideas of each other.

Written by Dev Ashish

Founder - Stable Investor Investing | Personal Finance | Financial Planning | Common Sense


  1. Take it easy 🙂 As you know many other similar sites are run by individuals, there will be + and – for both the cases. We expect things are going to be more “Stable” from now !

  2. Hey Dev, I share the same thoughts as of you of long term value investor. I am with you. I loved articles published by both of you and hope you would deliver the same type of material in future.
    I also wish Shubhang, best of luck for all his trading calls.

  3. Did you not know that both of you have different views about stock market investing or trading in the beginning?. Even your portfolio changed from Monk to Deadmonk in a short time. Quick reshuffling of portfolio or fast break-up of partnership are definitely not in the interest of stable investor. But I like the honesty. I am sure one day you would end up with multibaggers and more friends.

  4. Sir, I am new to your site. Found it very interesting from the first read. I plan to invest for long term in small & midcaps something for 10-15 years. Please suggest some 5-7 stocks. I found your example on WIPRO mind boggling. Can I get something of that sort now?

  5. True Abhinay. The returns given by Wipro have actually been eye-popping. But its not easy to find such stocks when they are unpopular. What I would suggest is to start with SIPs in Mutual funds. And once you are comfortable with volatilities of stock market, you can try investing in direct equities. You can also have a look at the Dead Monk's Portfolio of Stable Investor:

  6. Sir, I have done my own research and picked the following stocks from Small, Mid and Large Cap universe. KIndly let me know about your opinion about these for long term investing (10-15 years).
    Balmer Lawrie, Graphite INdia, Karuturi Global, Zylog Systems, IL&FS Investment Managers, eClerx Services, Glodyne Techno, Coal India, Engineers India Ltd, Goodricke Group, Jagran Prakashan.

  7. Thanks for sharing your picks Abhinay. But its a good idea to do thorough research before getting into small cap stocks. Some companies do seem to be good. But a few don't seem too promising considering the investment horizon. Just my two bits.

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