Year End Report (2012) on Stocks we wrote about & our Personal Portfolio

We wrote a number of stock specific articles in 2012. Below is a table about how they have done since we last published about them.

2012 Stock Returns
As the table suggests, we got it right almost 81% of the time this year. 🙂 Lucky us…
The articles on above mentioned stocks can be accessed here: HUL, Cairn India, ONGCor Others.

Personal Portfolio

Our personal portfolio has gained approximately 11% (13% including dividends) in 2012. This seems disastrous when compared to Sensex returns of 25%+. But since most of the stocks were bought in second half of 2012, the results aren’t entirely comparable. By the way, Sensex gave 11.6% in second half of 2012. But if you still feel otherwise, then you have the right to do so because the numbers are against us…
By the way, as a disclaimer, we would like to share names of stocks we hold in our personal portfolios. We are long on all of them (except 1) and are ready to hold them for next 10+ years.

Stocks (Long Term Investments): Axis Bank, ONGC, Balmer Lawrie, Cairn India, BHEL, Clariant Chemicals, Tata Investments, IOCL, L&T Financial Holdings, Novartis India.

Stocks (Medium Term): Thangamayil Jewellery

We would be glad to buy any of the above mentioned stocks at lower prices. So as 2013 approaches and with most experts expecting a bull run, we presume we are among the very few who hope (& pray) for a correction… 🙂

Have a happy new year everybody!




  1. Very nice picks and Congratulations !! Only concern is holding Cairn for a long long time – Will the management of Cairn India be fair to the minority shareholders?

  2. @anoncoder:disqus

    Some concerns remain after change in management. But the company still seems to be a cash cow with great future prospects.
    We can only hope that management is fair to us. Its more of a wait and watch approach that is required here. In case, management is not able to live upto minority shareholder's expectations, one can exit this stock.

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